Designer’s Experimental Typography Video Journal consists of  ordinary acts of life to adaptation of experimental typography. The basic words from daily life  has been formed by designers own experiences which shaped through different materials, related with time & space.

The word “Feed me” came from designer’s   sympathy to animals from her childhood; the intention was to draw attention to feed the street animals; “Cut me” was to show the  neglected grown herbs, grasses in public spaces;“Fold me” was created with designer’s everyday life acts of being living in a small apartment complex and she had to fold her clothes to  fit into wardrobe; “Kiss me”  was formed by designer’s favorite musician Tanita Tikaram’s arrival to İstanbul 19 April 2013, to present her latest album;”Can’ Go back”, the designer’s was  thrilled with her new song called “One Kiss”; “Buy Me” was created to draw attention to consumption; “Play with me” basially reminds us to remember to enjoy the life and to remember the child in us, “Burn me” was formed with designer’s interest to create a lettertype with fine; “Touch me” was created to emphasize the human breaking away from nature.

The words were created with video performances and thousands of photographs with the supporting materials. The visual and aesthetic idea were edited and turned out to be eight short experimental films.  D.E.T.V.Journal basically shows us a creative design approach of a simple word turning into a typographic performance.