Journey is photography experiemental typographic project.  Journey is being on the road – leaving the past behind – Approaching to the future . A Freedom …


Traveling is a state of being on an endless road and the desire to meet with his/her inner journey.
It is a step closer to the future of a person - who falls into their dreams in the presence of trees, mountains,
rivers, seas, clouds, stars, electricity wires and trees that run along the road.
maybe a known "unknown", a never-before-new face, 
a continuous "going" towards ever-untried experimentation.
Passanger / Passenger / Passe (old) / passing
Be on the road
leaving the past
an approach to the future.
A liberation ...

a new initial request,
curiosity to undiscovered
desire for renewal
change request ..
journey is a never-ending adventure;
Stoping questioning the past,
without making constant plans for the future
Just to be in the moment

without expectations,
Your mind, your spirit
and the roads ..